Oil and Gas

Energy industry support supplier

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Shipping and transport

Carries out packaging and door to door delivery service.

Infrastructure solution

Increasing flexibility to conduct businesses.

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Real Estate

Contribution to industrial and service companies as well as banks.

Supplies cosmetics

Supplies to iraqi ministry of health

Primary food commodities

Company assumed trade in all types of electrical appliances.

Oils and tyres.

Co-operates with various companies in the middle east and north africa

Supply and production of arabic and frozen foods

Construction company

Iraq’s leading engineering and construction company

Concrete company

Supplies ready mix concrete

Metal recycling

Processing and exporting of metals.

Al Samarraie Group takes the pleasure to emphasize its core values-Ethics, customer satisfaction, quality and social responsibility. We introduce you to the seven decade old Al-Samarraie group of companies. Al Samarraie as a group are engaged in a myriad of activities such as construction, real estate, manufacturing food products, general trading and other diversified lines of business. Our company played a prominent role in the socio economic development of Iraq and our turf extends to the Middle East as well. Historically we have been in the business of resources, with our one time company being the earliest to start trade with Asian and other Arab countries. The late AL-HAJ JASSIM MUHAMMED AL SAMARRAIE found AL SAMARRAIE GROUP (ASG) in 1949.He is well known in the region as he introduced various projects for the country’s development. He built Bagdad al jadeeda jama al-samarraie in 1964 (masjid Bagdad al jadeeda). He was one of the first shareholders of Arabian Bank in Bagdad. In 1990 Mohammed Al Samarraie along with his brothers MARWAN and MUNAF started assisting their father ABDUL MUNEM JASSIM AL SAMARRAIE.

In 2006 Mohammed Al-Samarraie was called upon to take charge of the group following the untimely retirement of his father, who had begun a phase of business consolidation. Our commitment to quality, standardization of manufacturing and other systems, Environmental Stewardship, Partnership with government and civil society are a matter of record. The enduring partnership we have nurtured with global companies and customers stand testimony to the tenet of responsible business that we swear by. All our activities are geared to excellence by the way of ethics. Wedded as we are, to sustainable development, we believe in taking along all our stake holders to business excellence. Our diverse corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives are aimed at furthering higher education, climate change awareness, sporting excellence and cultural richness each of which is an inseparable feature of the Iraqi social landscape. We welcome you to this enlightening discovery of the ASG entities.
With Compliments,
Mohammed Al Samarraie.
Al Samarraie Group Of Compaines.

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